Notice of logo for Namine Ritsu contest

What we want
Original logo design of "gc".
It is ok to use alphabets "Namine Ritsu" and numbers "73"

Entry qualifications
Basicly anyone can entry to this contest, but you need to understand either Japanes or English and able to get contact with us.

We will accept entries during
2013/10/12/`2014/2/28 JST

How to enter to this contest
(a)Set tag "gcS" on Pixiv or Niconico Seiga or Piapro.
(b)You can also email to

Entry format
Imgae format
You have to enter your work in PNG file.
If you have the vector graphics, please enter it with PNG files.
Resolutionand size
A4 vertical position 300dpi

Please enter both color and black & white.
Please transparent the background.
We might need vertical design into horizontally design or horizontally design into vertical design.

Entries already published elsewhere are not accepteda and needs to be your original work.
It's ok to enter more than one logo designs.
Do not use any material that belongs to somebody else not you.
If your entry get complaints from third person, we do not have any responsibility to it.

When you won the contest, we might order you some changesto the logo.
Or we make a notice to you ans then make some changes to the logo.

How we choose the winner
Members from Canon's Falling Castle will choose the winner.

Announcement of the result
We will announce the result during 2014/3/1`2014/3/10 on this site.

After the annoucement of the result
The winner's logo will be used on this site and videos from Canon's Falling Castle.

Consent to the usage of winner entry
When you enter the logo design, it means you made an agreement with conditions below.
The logo design you entered will be used by Canon's Falling Castle.
You will admit minimum change of logo design on color, size, arrangement.
You are not allowed to make limits on usage or get value on using the entered logo design.
If you can not keep these conditions, we will change the winner of this contest.
You will admit user's secondary use.

If anything that is not clear just email here.